Success stories

We’ve already helped match a number of industry experts with innovative companies recruiting for change

<span class="fs-35"><span style="color: #64d2c1">Success</span> stories</span>
<span style="color: #240447">Chief Logistics Officer</span>

Chief Logistics Officer

With a solid logistical framework already up and running in the Nordics, our client was looking for a growth-oriented leader to explore new commercial opportunities that would use the full strength of their distribution network across the region.

The ideal candidate

  • Able to thrive in a fast-paced environment
  • Strategic thinker with strong business acumen
  • Sales-oriented mindset
  • Deep experience in commercial operations
  • Charismatic and approachable communicator and people manager
  • Able to motivate teams of all backgrounds and seniorities
  • Able to work effectively with individuals driving the daily operations of the company forward

The Trankeela solution

Our chosen candidate had strong leadership experience in Sweden, but also rich experience in the emerging markets, working with talent pools of varying backgrounds, skillsets and capabilities. With a background in a similar digital venture where logistics played a key role, his strong project management skills and track record of driving commercial success in fast-growing companies stood out. He got the job, and relocated back to Sweden to take on this new and exciting role.

<span style="color: #240447">Corporate Development and M&A Specialist</span>

Corporate Development and M&A Specialist

With new technologies changing the nature of all well established companies, our client, a leader in engineering and industrials across the Nordics was looking to set up an incubator to identify, acquire and integrate new, innovative technologies into their business.

The ideal candidate

  • Deep M&A and investment expertise
  • A strong background in technology and innovation
  • A flexible and skilled communicator, able to influence key stakeholders in both corporate and start-up environments
  • A manager with experience in change and transformation, capable of bridging and connecting the two through their integration

The Trankeela solution

Our chosen candidate came from an investment banking background, with a track record of closing a number of successful deals in the industrials sector. Passionate about M&A, with a personal interest in the evolution of big corporates that bordered on fascination, we knew he would bring both the energy and the skills to the table to help lead this transformation.

<span style="color: #240447">Investment Associate</span>

Investment Associate

Away from the glitz and glamour of movie premieres and red carpets, a key part of our client’s success is built on solid analytics and valuations of movie rights, allowing them to make well-informed and commercially viable business decisions.

The ideal candidate

  • Analytical individual with a strong affinity for numbers and research
  • Solid experience in valuation
  • A natural communicator able to simplify the numbers for those without a finance background
  • A young, high-performing team player that would bring both number-crunching and people skills to the table

The Trankeela solution

We started out looking for a candidate with a background as an analyst in investment banking, management consulting, or transaction services with a Big 4 firm, for a solid grounding in the hard skills needed for the job. Beyond this, our search needed to cover the soft skills as well, and we found these in our ideal candidate, who was a highly engaged individual at work, involved in hiring and onboarding new team members, and also extremely active out of the office as a regular on the field playing team sports.

<span style="color: #240447">Chief Financial Officer</span>

Chief Financial Officer

Our client was taking on the consolidation of a fragmented industry in Sweden, and in search of a leader and expert to come on board as CFO and take on the task of shepherding the group through this important time of growth, acquisition and integration.

The ideal candidate

  • Would have the skills and experience to do more than the work of a normal CFO and lead this complex consolidation case
  • A strong strategic and  entrepreneurial mindset with the ability to quickly see the big picture
  • An experienced manager able to build up the skills and capabilities of the finance function
  • Hands-on leader that would be able to quickly roll up his sleeves and get involved in the day to day
  • A skilled communicator able to rally and unify new additions to the group and get them on board quickly

The Trankeela solution

Instead of recruiting for the industry, we focused our search on recruiting for the specific growth phase and scenario at hand – consolidation. Our ideal candidate was an all-rounder that brought to the table expertise in classical audit, management consulting as well as M&A, and had led a company through a similar consolidation case in the past. He scored extremely high on both the IQ and interpersonal skills components on our candidate profiling test, and along with a keen passion for outdoor and adventure sports, also brought the tenacity, adventurousness and openness to a challenge that we knew was necessary to excel at the job.